Product Range

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This assortment list gives you a good impression of the products we grow on our nursery. Because of the large diversity of products grown on our nursery, it is not possible to offer you a stock list. Our stock will be counted in September. If you wish, we can send you a stock list in October.


The range of Is. van Hassel B.V. includes:

  • Container plants
  • Young trees
  • Lightweight nursery trees
  • Topiary
  • Small range in container


Furthermore, we are also partners with Quick Hedge. This company supplies mature hedge elements. An ideal solution for anyone who wants a dense hedge in his or her garden directly. These hedge elements can be ordered at Is. Van Hassel B.V. It is advisable to plant the hedges using a lattice, which has been especially developed for this purpose. We can supply this lattice along with your order, it can be rented or borrowed. The latter depends on the size of your order.

For a clearer picture of the range. from Hassel B.V., we have some pictures of our products:


Prunus laurocerasus ‘Rotundifolia’ en ‘Caucasica’

Tsuga canadensis en Pinus nigra nigra

Corylus m. ‘Purpurea’ en Ligustrum japonicum


Carpinus betulus

Tilia cordata

Fagus sylvatica


Acer campestre en Acer platanoides

Quercus cerris